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South African entrepreneur turned speaker, author and pastor, Brent Phillips, has lived a life full of challenges, obstacles and miracles. Kicked out of their home by his father at a young age, a very sickly Brent, his mother and brother began a journey of succeeding against the odds. After building two technology companies and co-founding the revolutionary 2nd.MD, Brent, his wife and their two children now live in Houston, Texas, where Brent leads Encounter God Houston.

Brent Phillips has continued to use his passion for both the Gospel and technology to reach all corners of the world. Brent began his organization in 2001 with a mission to inspire, equip and lead others to fulfill their destinies; To change the world by having our own lives transformed through the hope and power of the Gospel. With thousands of downloads each month, development programs and testimonies from many countries, the mission is well underway.

"The world is broken and hurting. They don't need perfect people; they need people who can lead them to a perfect Savior."


"Time is up for just attending church... It is time to step up and start being the church!"